Doesn’t your best friend deserve the best care?

Compassionate Care & Veterinary Excellence for Your Best Friend

At Animal Care Hospital, we are dedicated to providing your pet with the highest quality veterinary care. From the moment you and your pet arrive at our full-service veterinary facility, you can rest assured knowing that our veterinarians and staff are not only totally committed to veterinary excellence, but also first-class client service as well.

After more than two decades of caring for the pets of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, we have a long-standing history of enhancing the bond between pets and their owners, and as an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)-accredited veterinary hospital, you can always count on us to deliver pet wellness services, educational tools and resources, and quality pet health products that you and your pet can depend on.

What People Are Saying...

“The staff at Animal Care Hospital is always courteous and caring. I’ve visited other animal hospitals that are dirty, or the staff is rude, uncaring, and not well-trained. The Animal Care Hospital is top-notch, and they treat their clients as if each one is their only customer. Their attitude demonstrates that they really love animals.”

“I am extremely pleased with ACH—I just moved to the area and they were extremely helpful, professional, and courteous.”

“I’m very lucky to have Dr. Graeff as my veterinarian, and I am very impressed with his services and staff. It’s a clean, professional environment.”

“The doctors and staff are always willing to answer your questions and make sure you are pleased with their service.”

“I have always had great experiences at Animal Care Hospital, and my dog loves visiting.”

“I have used this facility for over 25 years and my pets have always received the best treatment from very knowledgeable doctors and staff. I could spend less elsewhere, but I know these people and they know animals.”

“Dr. Graeff does a wonderful job! Every assistant there has been wonderful—always talks to my pets and calls them by name.”

“Dr. Bloomfield is excellent and the technicians who assisted were friendly and loving toward my dog. I was very pleased when they remembered that I have two dogs even though I only brought in one—that demonstrated that they care.”

“Compared to my previous veterinarian’s office, this staff is 100% more helpful and friendly... the receptionists and technicians made an excellent first impression, and they have shown a lot of compassion toward my dogs. I’m glad circumstances led me to this veterinary office; I feel my dogs are receiving excellent care.”

“From the moment I walk in the doors with any of my pets, til I walk out, I can say nothing but the best about all of the staff here. They are all incredible and I openly ’brag’ on them quite often!”

“I’m very happy with my Dr. Bloomfield. She treats us like friends and helps us feel better about any problems we have with our dog.”

“Dr. Graeff took time to answer all of my questions and explained his answers to my full understanding.”

“Dr. Bloomfield, the vet techs, and the office staff are well informed, courteous, and compassionate professionals. When one of my dogs developed a serious and ultimately terminal heart condition, Dr. B. worked closely with the veterinarians at our state’s teaching hospital to coordinate top-level care. She readily admitted she hadn’t treated a dog with his condition before, and I appreciated Dr. Bloomfield’s honesty and willingness to work with me to get the best care for my pet. I will be forever grateful to the staff for the way they treated my dog. I strongly recommend Animal Care Hospital.”